Snakeworx Avoidance

"Your Dog's Safety is our Number One Priority."



Here at Snakeworx Avoidance, your dog's safety is our priority. We are professionals who specialize in rattlesnake avoidance training for dogs. Unlike other rattlesnake avoidance companies, our trainers have decades of professional experience both training dogs and handling venomous snakes. We take pride in having this unique combination of knowledge and experience which is necessary to train your dog properly and safely to avoid a rattlesnake.



Our goal is to create a “real-life” rattlesnake encounter and to use our innovative training process to teach dogs to avoid being bitten by a rattlesnake. Contact us to learn more about our innovative rattlesnake avoidance training process and to make a reservation at one of our up-coming clinics or to schedule a private training session.


“Nothing is more important than a member of the family.”



Started in late 2012 Anthony Harper and Joel Almquist started Snakeworx Avoidance after working with other rattlesnake avoidance companies. We wanted to provide an educational experience for our clients and their pets. After seeing a close friend's dog get bitten by a Southern Pacific Rattlesnake and the cost of veterinary care we decided to take action and help people out. Five years later we have provided thousands dogs the skills required to detect and avoid live rattlesnakes, and most importantly save the lives of many beloved family members.